Response Time were invited to Artes Mundi 6 at the National Museum Cardiff in October this year and given 24 hours to respond to the work.

Response artists included Naomi Heath, a bi-lingual, inter-disciplinary performance artist who recently exhibited at Moma Wales as part of Cymylau Tystion/Clouds of Witness, James Baker an emerging performance maker with his unique and indefinable exploration of textual, physical and comic response, Hannah Pullen a recent graduate of Coleg Ceredigion currently studying at Aberystwyth University’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Sandra Bendelow an inter-disciplinary scriptwriter and producer, Mar Shro Gora a performance artist who works with self documentation and time, Lara Ward a theatre practitioner and choreographer and Petra Barberini, who is a cross disciplinary creator.

See Sandra’s blog post below for more detail:-