September 2014 saw a return to the studio for Earthfall’s Research & Development for Stories from a crowded room with a team of 8 dancers and 2 musicians. Artistic Directors Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis worked with the company to explore the themes of spacial confinement, sensory, sensuality and spontaneity within explosive and intimate virtuoso dance and interactive narrative.

The final production which goes into rehearsals in Spring 2015 and will tour Spring and Autumn 2015, aims to be an all embracing immersive experience for the audience. Earthfall will embed the audience within the action; the choreography, fully surround film and live music and investigate the blurring of boundaries between spectator and performer with empathy and humour. Through the use of interactive digital technology audiences will be able to interact with the structure, performers and musicians, providing guided stimulus throughout the piece.

Stories R & D footage